Business Process Lifecycle Management Process Mining

(Using Celonis Process Mining)

Clients often start off their journey with SAP, with business processes designed by Consultants, based on information gathered during the Blueprint phase of implementation.
Soon thereafter, life happens. People find workarounds and loopholes - either because the processes are too cumbersome, or circumstances have changed.
Without ‘Proactive Insights’, the gap between process design and process execution continues to widen and the rift between “Business” and “IT” deepens.

Process mining leverages the digital footprint left behind by your IT systems and provides complete transparency into how the processes are actually working.



  • Are you losing a week between the time you ship an order and the time you invoice? 
  • Do you have vendors not meeting their commitments? 
  • Are you losing hours of productivity each day due to unnecessary steps in your process? 
  • Would automation help you speed delivery and receipt of payment?

Process mining will provide these answers and more.
Find out how this new technology brings full transparency to your business core processes.

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Process Mining

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